Oil Recycling Company Initiatives to Encourage Sustainability

The initiatives of oil recycling business companies allow professionals in the foodservice industry and restaurateurs to maintain a clean and more environmentally friendly environment. In a very short time, restaurant owners can convert waste to profit by using these materials. Customers who recycle oil include both small cafes and larger institutions such as hospitals, prisons, colleges, etc. One way to minimize environmental waste is by increasing the use and recycling of plant or animal byproducts.

Food Service Industry to Benefit

These services range from regular grease trap maintenance to cleaning grease interceptors or catchbasins. Restaurants that wish to raise their revenue or have their facility up-to-code can take advantage of such services. The recycling services are available for any facility, whether it produces a few gallons of grease a month or has an enormous grease trap which needs to be cleaned regularly.

How to Increase Your Bottom Line

It is best to partner with a recycling oil company, whose first priority is maintaining grease traps so that they comply with the city’s code. The collection system is not free, but you have to maintain it. Recycling is also a way that businesses can increase their profits in a sustainable manner.

It is a clean-burning type of engine fuel

Made from recycled oils, biodiesel is not only renewable. It’s also an alternative fuel with a cleaner burn that allows America to become less dependent on oil imported from other countries. It is also more environmentally friendly.

EPA-designated gasolines must meet rigorous technical specifications for performance and quality in engines. Because of this, recycled biodiesel can be safely used in any engine.

Some Important Statistics

In the last decade, the production of Biodiesel Fuel has grown from 25 to well over 1 billion Gallons. In 2022, biodiesel fuel is expected to account for 10% of the world’s diesel transport reserves. By achieving this goal, the U.S. can reduce its dependence on oil imports and, therefore, the trade surplus. All over the U.S. are Biodiesel Plants, which can produce 3 billion gallons biodiesel per year.