Word 2007: Grammar Checker

Word’s grammar editor is not able to flag every error. Word might flag a sentence as grammatically incorrect. Word flags sentences that need to be corrected. Word advises users to take time and carefully read them. Read more now on grammar checker.

Word automatically evaluates every word you write and compares them to its internal vocabulary. However, the grammar inspector may not be able to detect certain errors. Word’s grammar tool will automatically treat these sentences the same.

“I must organise a cab.” “I will need to make arrangements for a taxi.”
“I will need to rent a car.”

Here’s the problem: You can misspell or misuse words that are already correctly written in the dictionary. However, the spell- and grammar-checkers won’t be alarmists.

A grammar checker will spot the most frequent grammatical errors. Word 2007’s grammar-checker will identify passive voice.

In red, spelling errors and in green, grammatical mistakes are marked. Word has the ability to provide a correctional suggestion. Click on the word/phrase you wish to fix and right-click it. Word will then give an evaluation of the suggestion. The contextual menu will allow you to highlight any corrections and accept them. Word will then make the appropriate changes. Word may be ignored if you right-click the suggested word or phrase, and then choose Ignore. Word will eliminate the red or the green flags in the text.

Word provides the option to verify the spelling and grammar of text selected or an entire document. You can run the spelling/grammar checker by selecting Review > Proofing> Spelling and Grammar. Click F7 for the spelling/grammar test.

Click the Office button to disable the spell-checker and select Word Options at the bottom right. You can select Proofing, then deselect Mark grammar omissions as you type. Click Ok. This will stop Word’s real-time grammar inspection.