How to Encourage Your Children to Eat More Mushrooms

Don’t you agree that mushrooms are not appreciated enough in this country? The texture or taste of mushrooms is not liked by children. This has to do mainly with how the mushroom is prepared. Mushrooms have a lot of health-promoting properties and are rich in nutrients. Give them a second chance, people! Read more now on soulcybin scam

Mushrooms have a high nutritional density, meaning that they are packed with nutrients per ounce. Low in calories, but high in B vitamins such as B5, B-1, B-6 and riboflavin. They also contain niacin and folic acids. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, in his book “Eat for Health”, ranked it higher than blueberries or raspberries as a superfood. Mushrooms also contain important minerals like selenium and potassium. They are rich in phosphorus, copper manganese, zinc, and copper. These minerals play a role in the body’s anti-cancer and anti-disease processes.

Weight loss is another benefit. Mushrooms have low calories but are high in fiber and water. Studies have shown that mushrooms can boost metabolism and that eating several servings per week has helped with weight loss. You and your children can eat as much of this food as you want and still maintain a healthy weight.

Mushrooms can be eaten in salads, sandwiches and stir-fries. They are also a great addition to casseroles and soups. As a meat substitute in meals, they are a great way to introduce them into your child’s diet. Carnivores will love their meaty taste and texture. Portobello and button mushrooms can be used to make a great burger or grill, while cremini and button mushrooms can be easily hid in tacos and sloppy Joe meat.

They love good food. Years ago, I would sautee them until they were mush in a golden vat butter. But now I know better. I cook them in water, and I find that the taste is better. This is a recipe I use often for a stir fry. You can easily modify the recipe by adding your favorite vegetables such as carrots, celery, tomatoes, zucchini or chard. Feel good about this low-calorie dish that provides your body and your children with essential nutrients while also giving their palate a party.

Mushroom Stir-fry

Cook brown rice using 2 parts water and 1 part rice.

Cut up 1-2 onions and 1 green pepper. Add about 1 pound cremini mushrooms. (These look like white button mushrooms but have a brown top).

Place 1 tsp. Over medium heat, place 1 tsp. Add the vegetables and 1 cup of water. Add salt and pepper, to taste, for about five minutes. Repeat the process with another cup of water until you have your desired vegetables. Serve over rice, adding hot sauce or soy sauce. Mmm! This recipe may seem simple, but it is packed with flavor that will not disappoint.



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