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Treatments For Tick Bites

Ticks can attach themselves to any exposed body part and travel to moister areas. They thrive in warmer parts like your hair, groin, or armpits. They can stay hidden for days on end and can cause irritation by biting and drawing blood.

It is imperative that you don’t allow ticks to persist in your homes or on your body. For effective elimination, contact a tick exterminator el paso professional at the earliest. In case you discover a tick bite, knowing the treatment procedure can be of use.

Removal Of Ticks

The first step in treatment is removing the tick from your body. This involves using a pair of tweezers to pull the tick off carefully. Ensure that you keep your hand steady so that the tick comes off in one go.

In case some part of the tick’s body is left lodged in your skin, remove this with the tweezers. Always clean the wound with alcohol, water, and soap afterward.

How To Kill The Removed Tick

You cannot eliminate ticks by stepping on them since they are hard in nature. The best way to kill the tick is by drowning it in alcohol or wrapping it in a tissue and flushing it. This will ensure that the tick can’t get away and hide somewhere in the house.

Other Treatment Requirements

While treating a tick bite can be done independently, some cases might require extra attention. If you develop severe feverish symptoms, rashes, pains, etc. always consult a doctor. Moreover, if a tick has been biting you for a prolonged period, it is more likely to cause disease.

Ticks can cause a variety of serious issues like Lyme disease. That is why it’s best to take antibiotics to be on the safe side. In case you notice a skin infection near the tick bite, antibiotics may even become a necessity.

In Summation

tick exterminator el paso

While ticks are common enough to not be considered a risk, they aren’t all together harmless. You should always be alert if you are treading through tick-infested areas and treat any infestations without delay.