Month: November 2020

A Few Reasons Why Choosing a Local Bank is Better For You

These days, your choices of where you can bank and handle the safe storage of your money at is more numerous than ever before. There are national banks that allow you to do your business almost entirely over the internet, and there are smaller, local branches that allow you to come in and do your banking in person.

Many people might not think about it, and may prefer the convenience of online banking over the benefits of traditional banking. Let’s not forget, though, that traditional local banking offers a few benefits over the bigger banks that you might not consider.

Local Banking vs. Big Banking

Some smaller, local banks provide a good deal of benefits over banking at big, national banks that might not be immediately obvious. Let’s look into a few of these benefits so you can see for yourself why you should think about smaller banking options in your community.

  • Lower fees: Smaller banks will usually offer much lower fees on checking accounts and other services than their bigger counterparts.
  • Better interest rates: Typically, you can expect interest rates on savings accounts to be much better with a local bank than the smaller ones generally offered by larger banks. You might also be able to snag better terms on things like loans and credit with a smaller bank.
  • A sense of community: Smaller, local banks often grow along with their communities. Big banks are usually operated out of huge cities and serve areas far beyond their zip codes. If you want to know you are supporting (and being supported by) a community-operated institution instead of a national conglomerate, local banking is the only way to go.
Columbia Bank
389 NJ-18, East Brunswick
NJ 08816, United States
Phone: +1 732-432-7171

As you can see, there is a lot to love about choosing a local bank such as Columbia Bank East Brunswick over a large, national bank. You can reap all of these benefits and more when you decide to head down to your local branch and sign up for an account with them.